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According to the department of agriculture, soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that affects all landforms. In agriculture, soil erosion refers to the wearing away of a field’s topsoil by the natural physical forces of water and wind or through forces associated with farming activities such as tillage.

Don’t let erosion issues stop you from using your property the way you want.

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If You Have an Erosion Problem

If you have an erosion problem, Scaggs Excavating has the solution.

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A Scaggs Site Development Project in Southern Maryland.

Completion of day 1….Road is passable… Day two, complete. Complete culvert replacement of 48 inch pipe, upgrade to 60 inch. Class 2 rip rap hardened face. Grade to divert shoulder water away from pipe ends. Expected lifespan of HDPE pipe……………………….. 100 years

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A General Summary of Excavating:

Excavation is also useful for digging out houses and trenches. When clearing dirt out for roads or sub divisions, excavation is what takes care of things. Even though there are a few means, the term excavation is used anytime that the earth or dirt is disturbed.

Heavy machinery is also very common with excavation, such as excavators or backhoes. Excavating crews run the equipment and dig up soil and rocks for whatever the purpose may be. Excavators are the most used machinery, as they can move a lot of dirt in a little bit of time.

Anytime you are taking part in excavation, you should always use common sense and be safe. If you plan to get down into a hole or trench, you should always use a trench box. Even though the hole may not be that deep, excavation sites can always cave in and at that point – things are very dangerous and possibly even deadly.

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Easy Site Prepration

Easy Site Prep in Prince George’s County MD

site preparations This message is brought to you from the professionals at Scaggs Excavating, located in Southern MD. We hope this article will help you learn more about:

  • What Site Prep is
  • Soil Erosion and Management and how it relates to excavation
  • Clearing your land of growth and debris
  • Site Prep work including laying pipe

Site prep is the best term that is used to describe the operations necessary to make raw land ready to accept improvements such as buildings, parking lots, roads, and other amenities. Once the project has been completed, the site prep is invisible.

The term site prep is a broad term that can include several different tasks, such as clearing and grubbing, soil erosion, sediment control, storm drains, water and sewer pipes, topsoil stripping, rock removal, underground utility, and several other tasks.

Soil erosion and management

To protect the quality of the water, soil erosion and sediment control measures are vital. With most locations, storm water permitting is required. All erosion and sediment control measures and devices must be in place and inspected before the first tree drops or first shovel full of dirt is removed.

The designs for storm water management systems are becoming more and more complex. The detension basins have complex and spiraling side slopes and bottoms that have almost flat grades.

Clearing the land

The limits of clearing can be marked with a GPS dozer. By following the outline of the display in the cab, the bulldozer can cut a path through the wooded area so other equipment will have a clear line to go by.

The traditional method used to clear debris, such as burning, is rapidly fading away. The air pollution standards will prevent any type of burning of most areas across the United States.

Site prep made easy

Depending on the job site, what you have to do will vary greatly. With excavation, what is needed to complete a job is as different as night and day. No matter what type of work you are doing, it will almost always require the use of heavy machinery.

Clearing lots for houses, grading roads, laying pipe, fixing water leaks, and digging foundations are just some of the most common tasks found with the art of excavation. To do this type of work, it takes a special individual as work is outdoors year round, meaning that you freeze in the winter and burn up in the summer.

Laying pipe is a task that takes skill. You first must dig the trench for the pipe, making sure that the elevation is right, and that the pipe will meet the specifications listed in the blueprints. There are several different types of pipe that needs to be layed, including water, sewer, and storm drains.

When you first begin your job, you’ll need to have the proper permits from the area that you are going to be disturbing the ground in. Once you have the proper permits, you can begin your work. With some jobs, you’ll need to document on paper just how much land you disturb each day.

Sometimes with excavation, the job site and plans will call for ponds or temporary ponds. This can be fun to do, although you have to be careful as well. Very common with sub divisions, ponds are something that take a lot of skill to dig right.

Manholes are something else that you will encounter as well. You can use machinery to set them in place, although they will need to go a certain way. The easiest way to put them in place is by using an excavator, as you can lower it down and have a couple of workers set it in place.

Anytime you are working on an excavation site, you should always be careful and make sure you do things by the book. There are always rules and regulations that you need to follow. Excavation is a very fun trade, although you’ll need to be well versed with following plans, running machinery, and having fun outdoors.

We hoped this article has helped you learn more about site development and excavation. When you need a professional please call Scaggs Excavating 

Scaggs Site Development and Demolition

Excavating is one trade that can be hard to estimate and predict, developers are often confronted with the same challenging task of discovering a trustworthy excavating company who can get the job done right, on time and at the estimated cost.

Selecting a site development company for your building project, no matter what the size is a very important decision, requiring careful consideration.

Modern excavating equipment plays a vital role in almost every facet of new construction and below ground repairs or installation. Until recently this type of labor required large groups and many hours of labor. Today, one trained operator and an accurate plan can move an amazing amount of earth quickly and safely.

Scaggs Site Development offers the latest in excavating equipment, from Caterpillar 329D’s down to Caterpillar 304CCR mini’s, a fleet of Terex PT80 Posi Tracks and the latest GPS guided Komatsu D51PX22 Dozer. Jason Scaggs, the owner of Scaggs Site Development, tells us his company has the equipment to get your job done quickly and efficiently, small or large.

Remember when it comes to your project you want only a competent, trustworthy and professional excavation company to work on your digging projects. Excavation machinery can cause extensive damage to properties if not operated correctly.

Scaggs Site Development offers everything you need to complete your project.

Big Excavating Projects From Around The Web

Big Excavating Projects From Around The Web

Check out these excavators.

No matter how often we’re out on jobs we’re still impressed by watching these big machines at work.  We thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the big excavation jobs we found on the internet.

Check out these super-machines!

Wow! Take a look at these amazing machines

The worlds largest hydralic excavator.

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Winter Highway Maintenance

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Eco Friendly Home Improvements

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