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Southern Maryland:  Cool Off With An Inground Pool This Summer


CC Septic License #SI-0235

If you live in Calvert County, Charles County or St. Mary’s county in Southern Maryland and

you've decided on an inground pool, something that adds appeal and beauty to a yard, there are a

few steps that will take place in the pool-installation process.

1. You will sit down with a pool professional and decide on the shapes, styles and materials of

choice that meet your budget and the size of your yard. Keep in mind maximizing the sun by

placing the pool where you'll get the most rays.

2. Prior to excavation, workers will come and map out the pool in your yard. They'll plan for

filters/equipment, the shape of the pool and any surrounding structures, such as a patio or deck.

3. The excavation will then take place after the pool design is approved. Construction equipment

and hand-shoveling to work on the finer details is part of the process. It may take a day or two to

dig the pool, provided the soil is amenable.

4. Wired steel rods are installed in the pool area that has been cleared away. This will provide

support for the frame and protect against ground forces.

5. The electrical and plumbing groundwork will be laid, including wiring for the pump and filter

and pipes to filter the water.

6. A special concrete mixture is sprayed over the steel frame to lock it in place and provide extra

strength. Depending on the pool interior surface used, this will also provide the groundwork for

other materials to be installed.

7. Tile, masonry, rock, and/or a vinyl liner will be installed. The pool will start to have a finished


8. Surrounding materials, such as landscaping, decking, concrete, or patio pavers can be installed

at this point.

9. Personal touches will complete the look of your pool. Afterward, you simply fill the water

level and start enjoying the swimming pool once the weather is right. You may be able to pay

municipal water services to come and fill your pool via a water tank truck. Some towns allow

usage of fire hydrant water if approved by the fire department. Otherwise, you may need to go

the slow and steady route of using your backyard hose.

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