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Scaggs Site Development, in Owings, Maryland, prides itself on smart and efficient work, which leads directly to savings for the customer. Owner Jason Scaggs tries to make the best, most accurate decisions from the beginning – saving his business and his clients time, money, and excess work. He treats the machinery, the employees, the customers, and subcontractors with respect – and works diligently to make things as easy as he can for all of them.

“Other companies make mistakes in the planning phase that cost a lot of money. We start out by looking at the entire job, not just our specific role in the project. Moving dirt twice is my pet peeve, it wastes time, fuel, and the clients’ money", Jason explained. He also keeps his machinery up to date and in good repair so they are as fuel efficient as possible and don't break down on the job. The more money he saves on fuel and downtime, the less he has to charge his customers. “I also do a lot of research before we buy machines. A machine that burns too much fuel or spends too much time in the shop doesn’t help anyone,” Jason said.

In addition, Scaggs Site Development maintains a long-term view of every job, considering all the subcontractors involved. Without a long-term plan that thinks through each step and the other trades involved, work is done twice and out of order, costing the client money.

Before going into the excavation business in 2005, Scaggs worked in residential construction. All that construction experience gave Jason a clear picture of the entire job. “We know what’s coming next,” he said. “We don’t want to hurt the builder or the next subcontractor. We often advise the builder or general contractor how to save money before the project even begins.”

In addition to being wise and efficient on the job, Scaggs Site Development also offers competitive, accurate bids. Since he was new to the industry, Jason kept very careful notes during and after each project, which he consults before he submits a bid. “I keep track of the job,” he said. “I know how much everything costs to the penny.” Customers can trust that bids from Scaggs Site Development will be as accurate as they can be. “We’ve never lost a client,” Jason claimed. “No one will say ‘we used to use Scaggs.’” On average, customers see a $10,000 difference in Scaggs’ bids, in comparison to other companies.

Scaggs Site Development maintains a large fleet of machines – from the largest excavators to small bobcats. “We have everything needed to work with dirt, sand, gravel, or concrete,” Jason said. This fleet of vehicles gives the company freedom to choose the right machine for every job. “We size the machine for the job,” he said. “If a machine is too big, just moving itself burns too much fuel on a small job. And machines are expensive to maintain.” Choosing the right vehicle for the job saves everyone money.

This large fleet also allows Scaggs Site Development the ability to complete many of the other jobs needed in residential and commercial construction. Rather than hiring many different contractors for a project Scaggs is able to keep many of them in-house. "Reducing the number of subcontractors saves my clients time and money", Scaggs said. "We don't just do bulk dirt work, we demo the old building or clear the lot, dig for the foundation, pour the slabs, install the septic, install storm water management devises, geothermal piping, the driveway or parking lot and final grade the entire job. This all completed by one company is a huge cost savings"

With careful planning, a new fleet, and efficient work, Scaggs Site Development saves customers time and money. “Moving dirt is expensive and you need to plan before you start,” Jason said. “Talk to more than one company and find out what they are going to do throughout the job before you choose the best for you.”


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